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The Storm Caller

The Storm Caller - Available September 4th

Mason, a witch from Gundalar, and Vallith, an Air dragon, have been chosen as the second Guardian pair needed to push back the coming enemy. Their task is to unite the kingdoms of Obyra, lands that have recently suffered devastating losses while they've warred with each other. Is their diplomatic mission doomed to fail, or can the pair find a way to mend burned bridges? 

Attention all ebook lovers!

The Deadly Decisions trilogy and the Pursuing Victory stories have been released as ebook boxed sets. All "missing" Kindle ebooks are also available now, so celebrate summer with a new ebook!

The Storm Caller Progress

The next book in the Guardians of Obyra series is on the way. Pre-Order is available now for the September 4, 2020 release.



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