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Kingdom Information 


Calyso is a small, narrow kingdom along the eastern coast of Obyra. It is seperated from Bacovia by a tall, nearly sheer cliff, making travel into the kingdom somewhat difficult. 


Nearly all trade in Calyso happens via the sea, and the capital city is located on the best harbour all along the coast. 


Capital City: Karasot 


Other Locations of Note: N/A 


Colours: Red, Green & Grey 


Symbol: Rose 

Might & Magic 


Calyso has a very small army, and a very large navy, similar to their northern neighbour, Larosia. The two kingdoms share the duty of patrolling the sea for pirates, a constant plauge for both nations.  


Calyso has neither an assassin's guild, nor magic Schools. When the citizens of the kingdom require the services of these sorts, they apply for help from the Larosian guild and Schools. 

Main Characters 


Aleksandra: a merchant and recent heiress to her father's shipping company, Alex has a gift for navigating difficult sea passages. This ability has allowed her to travel far south, to the Dragonlands, in order to trade for rare and precious items. 


Emmitt: the chief gardener and spymaster for Ferris, he has psychic abilities that let him gather impressions from anything that he has handled for a length of time. 


Ferris: the king of Calyso, he is bound to his kingdom through magic. As he thrives, so does Calyso - and vice versa. 

Books & Stories Set in Calyso 



• King of Roses, Queen of Knives: part of the Risk & Reward anthology 

• Renegades: part of the Risk & Reward anthology 

• The Sea Witch (coming in 2018)