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Kingdom Facts

Larosia is one of the northern kingdoms in Obyra, and is varied in its terrain. Citizens of this kingdom can drive a sled, farm the land, and sail a ship on the ocean.

Larosia tends to keep to itself, avoiding most of the problems that plague the southern kingdoms. They do have close ties to Calyso, however, as these two kingdoms share a coastline and problems with the pirates who sail along it. 

Capital City: Covenshire

Might & Magic

Larosia does have an army, though it is a small one. Most of their military strength is concentrated in their navy, who are constantly on guard for the pirates that disrupt their trade routes. 

The Larosian assassin's guild, the Wicked Scythes, is highly skilled but different from the other two guilds in Obyra. These assassins focus primarily on hand-to-hand combat and small, easily concealed weapons. The Wicked Scythes have an open contract on the pirate king, an individual who is still alive mostly because nobody knows who he is. 

Larosia is also home to a number of magic Schools. Mages trained in Larosia are known to be very proud of their status as magic users, and often wear robes in colours that show their area of expertise. Larosian mages use wands to cast their high power spells. 

Main Characters

Alyah: A magical prodigy, Alyah fled her home kingdom for Calyso when she couldn't handle the possibility of letting her family down. Surviving as a thief, she makes the mistake of trying to steal jewels from the palace in Karasot. Now in the employ of Emmitt, she works as a spy for Ferris, the king of Calyso.

Mortimer: A Spirit mage, he works for Callum in the kingdom of Madelia. Driven by money, Mortimer can easily be bought, and he's been known to do almost anything, if the price is right.

Tatiana: The queen of Larosia, she was forced to flee with her young sons, Vladimir and Alexander. Now living as queen-in-exile in Bacovia, she has formed a quick friendship with Aislynn, becoming one of her ladies-in-waiting.

Books & Stories Set in Larosia

- Close Your Eyes: part of the Deception & Betrayal anthology