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Kingdom Facts

One of the northern kingdoms in Obyra, Madelia's location gives the realm a significant disadvantage. While there are many forests, giving the kingdom a strong trade in lumber, there is little arable land. 

Due to Madelia's lack of resources, it has turned its sights on Bacovia many times in the past. The Madelian crown has long felt that Bacovia is large enough to have land to spare, and if they aren't willing to share, Madelia is willing to just take it. 

Capital City: Ironvale

Might & Magic

Madelia keeps a large army, when compared to the population of the kingdom. Unfortunately, their army is still just a fraction of the size of the Bacovian army, their usual opponent, so Madelia also makes use of militia fighters. 

With no assassin's guild of their own, when Madelia finds they need an assassin, they turn equally to the Evendell and Cembrance guilds. The Madelain royal family usually prefers to settle problems on their own, however. 

Madelia also has no magic Schools of their own, though they employ mages regularly, especially in the army. Larosian trained mages are the most common, and citizens of Madelia who need training are sent to Larosia exclusively. 

Main Characters

Callum: A man with a complicated past, Callum has filled many roles in his life. Best known as Vivien's chief advisor, he is arguably the most powerful person in Madelia, since the queen usually follows his advice. A Fire and Spirit mage, Callum has a bat eesprid named Ember, making him an oddity in the kingdom. 

Vivien: The queen of Madelia, Vivien took her throne from her father. Though brutal and seemingly cold, she does care about her people and their well being.  

Books & Stories Set in Madelia

- The Pursuit of Power: Book 1 of the Pursuing Victory Trilogy