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Story Timeline

This is a rough timeline, showing approximately when the books and stories take place in relation to each other. The dates are often listed as ranges, as many of the stories overlap one another. 

The founding of Bacovia begins the timeline, at year 1.

Playing With Magic (From Risk & Reward)

A few generations ago, Branden’s people broke away from their nomadic cousins, hoping for a quiet, settled life. Unfortunately, the Nomad clans took exception to this difference of lifestyle, and they have been hunting down the people of the Steader clans ever since. Tired of the deaths and the constant running, Branden takes it upon himself to find a way to save what’s left of his people before it’s too late. But creating a safe home will take power unlike anything he’s ever seen before, and nothing in life is free. Will Branden pay the price required to ensure his people have a future?

summer ,3491

My Sacrifice (From Deception & Betrayal)

The kingdom of Evendell has long been struggling to keep its borders safe. For many years, their powerful magic users and dangerous assassin’s guild have been enough to deter the kingdoms of Mythesti and Cembrance from encroaching too much, but this is no longer sufficient, and now the kingdom is at war. After months of fighting, Evendell is losing ground quickly. The mages from the five Schools scattered throughout the kingdom have joined the battle, hoping that magic will help to turn the tide.

Summer, 3491

Set Fire to the Rain (From Deception & Betrayal)

Faced with the distinct possibility that his warriors, assassins, and mages can no longer hold back the combined forces of Mythesti and Cembrance, Evendell’s king sends for help. Hoping that the large, powerful kingdom to the north would be willing to accept an alliance, he sends one of his best diplomats to begin negotiations. Little does he know, but Evendell’s enemies have taken steps to avoid such an alliance. How can Genevieve and Ulrich convince Bacovia to side with them in this ongoing war when they have so little to offer in return?

Late Summer, 3491
The Creation of the Pact

Necessary Evil (From Risk & Reward)

As promised, King Jonah of Bacovia sent his army to help save the beleaguered Evendell from the combined might of Mythesti and Cembrance. Seeing an opportunity, the king proposes a mutual protection pact, something that would ensure continued aid for Evendell, all for the simple cost of an assassin bodyguard. Genevieve doesn’t want to return to Bacovia, to a court that holds nothing but painful memories, but she’s willing to accept the job as necessary to keep her people safe. Can she come to terms with the past? Can she get Jonah to look beyond his own experiences?

Spring 3725 - Summer 3730

The Pursuit of Conquest

Deadly and magically gifted, Rhys is everything an assassin can be, and everything a bodyguard should be. But when fate chooses another and his destiny is denied him, Rhys struggles to redefine his identity. When life takes an unexpected turn, what becomes of the man without options?

Summer, 3719 - Summer, 3746

The Pursuit of Power

Betrayed by the man supposed to love and care for him, Callum watches his dreams disappear before his eyes. Only a twist of fate saves him from a life of beatings and misery, and Callum knows how lucky he is. Treated like a cherished protégé and raised to be more than he'd ever thought possible, Callum is grateful for everything his master has given him. How far will Callum go to repay him?

spring, 3725 - Summer, 3730

Shattered Dreams

All Henry has ever known is the fact that it is his destiny to save his kingdom. A child of royal birth, with magical powers at his disposal, Henry is the prophesied saviour of Mythesti. But can he survive his training, or will the pressure to be perfect be his undoing?

Early Summer, 3733 - Summer, 3746

The Pursuit of REvenge

On the brink of adulthood, Avalon is thrust into the cut throat world of thieves and assassins. With more than just herself to care for, she's forced to make hard choices that have far reaching consequences. But when you're fighting to avenge your family, nobody really expects the path to be easy. Avalon certainly doesn't, and she's prepared to do whatever it takes.

Summer, 3735

Hero (From Risk & Reward)

.All Byron has ever wanted is to be a solider. As the oldest child and the only son, with a handful of sisters who need to be taken care of, his parents have always pushed Byron to take over the family business. But Byron wants more for himself than to spend his life thatching roofs. He wants to see the world, wants to make his way with nothing but his skill with a weapon. He wants to be a hero, and there’s no real place for heroes in a small border town, even a town currently threatened by the encroaching Madelian forces.


Dark Side (From Deception & Betrayal)

Jayce takes his responsibilities to kingdom and crown very seriously. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his behaviour when it comes to relationships. When he meets someone who might be able to change all that, someone he wants to get to know better, is there a future for them? Can she love all of Jayce? Can he truly love her?

Early Summer, 3745

Demons (From Risk & reward)

Darian has made his way as an assassin in the Black Scorpion guild, and he’s happy with the choices he’s made. He has a troubled past, true, but who cares about that sort of thing when you kill people for a living? Then Eva stumbles into his life, a bright light among the dark souls that populate the guild. Just being around the young woman is a risky proposition, however. Can he face his demons? Is it worth the risk to do so?

Early to Mid Summer, 3745

The King's assassin

The highly trained assassins of Evendell have a single, unyielding mission: defend the monarch of Bacovia, at any cost. Aislynn has been assigned to protect the heir apparent, Eryk. Yet Eryk’s independent streak offers stiff resistance to what anyone else has planned for him, especitally an untested and unfamiliar sentinel.

Fall, 3745

War Torn

Bacovia is at war and King Eryk's first months as king have not been easy. The council is pressing him to choose a bride but Aislynn, the woman he loves, continues to avoid his proposal. Meanwhile Vivien, the queen of Madelia has plans for both kingdoms. Is there a future for the war torn kingdom?

Mid Winter, 3745 - Early Summer, 3746

Bells & Blades

King Eryk of Bacovia is finally set to wed the assassin he loves, Princess Aislynn of Evendell. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about his pending marriage and they will do anything to ensure that Aislynn doesn’t walk down that aisle.

Mid Summer, 3746 - Mid Winter, 3746


All is not well in the kingdom of Bacovia.

Despite all that they have been through to get to this point, the reign of King Eryk and Queen Aislynn is not a peaceful one. Rumors of infidelity and betrayal abound, whispers intended to drive them apart from their allies...and from each other.

Late Summer, 3746

Counting Stars (From Deception & Betrayal)

For a pair of brothers growing up in rural Bacovia, life seems so very hard. Their worlds revolve around the never ending march of the seasons, the crops and animals the farmers bring into town, and learning the family business. All of that changes when a band of travelling performers arrives in their small town. Finally, it seems like there is more to life than chores and family duty. Finally, it looks like there is an alternative for their futures, if they’re brave enough to follow their dreams.

Late Summer, 3746

King of Roses, Queen of Knives (From Risk & Reward)

Ferris is king of a dying realm. Everywhere he looks there is blight and sickness, and war plagues his borders. His people whisper that there is a cure for these dark times, and all Ferris must do is make good on his vow to do whatever it takes to keep his land healthy. Alyah, newly employed as one of his Majesty’s spies, is tasked with finding the traitor in Ferris’ court, but what she uncovers is a plot far more deadly than simple betrayal. Can Ferris save his kingdom without paying the ultimate price?

Late Fall, 3746

Close your Eyes (From Deception & Betrayal)

Larosia is known throughout Obyra for being a moderately powerful kingdom. Home to both an assassin’s guild and magic School, most have decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to attack the small nation, and that’s even before taking into account the navy. But as unrest in the world grows, Larosia finds itself in the precarious position of being between a man with an all-consuming mission and his next target. Can they stand against the coming army, or will Larosia fall before its onslaught?

Late Winter, 3746 - Early Spring, 3747


Bacovia is surrounded by enemies, and the noose is closing.

Rhys has gathered his forces, and Larosia has fallen. Eryk and Aislynn have only one allied kingdom to call upon for aid, but Evendell is besieged as well. The pact that binds the kingdoms together is called into play, and Eryk is forced to divide his army, sacrificing part of his border. Can Bacovia survive?

Early to Mid Spring, 3747


Eaglecrest has fallen, and the royal family is missing.

Fleeing before Rhys' attack on the capital, King Eryk and Queen Aislynn are now in hiding. Separated from their children, and plotting to retake their kingdom, the exiled royals are forced to search for allies in unlikely places. Can they gain the support they need to bring Rhys to his knees?

Spring, 3747

Renegades (From Risk & Reward)

Some would argue that Aleksandra was born to sail. The only child of a merchant, she was raised at sea after her mother died, and saw nothing wrong with taking over her father’s business upon his death. The sailors in their family harbour a gift to feel the waves and know their moods, and this has let Alex sail the dangerous passage south to the Dragonlands, to trade for rare and unique items. But pirates plague the coastal seas, and nobody is safe when money could be made.

Late Spring, 3747

The Sea Witch

After losing her business to a rival merchant, all Sanda can think about is revenge. She wants what's hers, and if she needs to resort to piracy to get it, then that's fine with her. With her beloved ship and her loyal crew beside her, it shouldn't be too hard, right? Unfortunately, the end of the spell that joined Evendell and Bacovia has far reaching consequences, and nothing is ever going to be the same - for anyone.

Late Spring, 3747

The Storm Caller

Mason has been struggling with his training to become one of the next generation of shaman for one of Gundalar's clans. His affinity for the weather is proven, but he lacks other aspects of a shaman's power. When Vallith, an Air dragon from the Dragonlands, drops into his life, nothing with ever be the same... but Mason's destiny is like nothing he ever imagined.