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Kingdom Facts

Bacovia has the largest habitable area of the kingdoms in Obyra. It is well known for the huge expanses of arable land, though it also has large forests and some minerals and gems from the mountain range that runs along the western edge of the kingdom. 

Bacovia has good diplomatic relations with most of the surrounding kingdoms, with Madelia being the notable exception. Tensions have existed between these neighbouring realms for generations, tensions that have led to armed conflict more than once. 

Capital City: Eaglecrest

Might & Magic

Bacovia is famous for its large standing army, which includes both foot soldiers and cavalry. The Royal Guard, responsible for keeping the capital city, palace, and royal family safe, often recruits directly from the army. 

Bacovia does not have an assassin's guild of its own, nor an Academy for training assassins. Tight ties with Evendell means that most requirements for covert killing are taken care of by the Gilded Crowns guild. 

Magic Schools are also non-existent, but this is changing. Magic is something that was not terribly prevalent in the past, and magic use fell out of favour entirely after the pact between Evendell and Bacovia was formed. 

Main Characters

Eryk: The young king of Bacovia took the throne after the unexpected death of his father shortly after Eryk's twenty-fifth birthday. Despite his best efforts to avoid his royal responsibilities prior to this, he has taken to his new role remarkably well. Eryk is tall, with blue eyes and black hair that he tends to wear long. While not an accomplished swordsman, he is a very talented archer. 

Branden: The new king's chief advisor and best friend, Branden has grown up with Eryk at court and was groomed for his position from a very young age. Despite making some serious errors in judgement, his friendship with Eryk remains strong. He has the weapon skills that the king lacks, and has been known to help Eryk practice when the pair finds themselves with some free time. Branden is average height, with blond hair and blue eyes. 

Byron: The captain of Bacovia's Royal Guard, Byron is the youngest man to have ever held that position. Slightly older than Eryk, he's spent enough time with him to be considered a friend. An expert swordsman, he is well respected by the men he leads, and he's known to be loyal to a fault. Byron is short for a man, with close cropped sandy blond hair and blue eyes. 

Books & Stories Set in Bacovia

- The King's Assassin Trilogy: The King's Assassin, War Torn, Bells & Blades

- The Deadly Decisions Trilogy: Whispers, Sacrifices, Retaliation

- Set Fire to the Rain: part of the Deception & Betrayal anthology

- Counting Stars: part of the Deception & Betrayal anthology

- Necessary Evil: part of the Risk & Reward anthology

- Hero: part of the Risk & Reward anthology

- Playing with Magic: part of the Risk & Reward anthology