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Kingdom Facts

Cembrance is one of the most isolated kingdoms in Obyra, with the sea to the west and mountains to the east. The mountain range even curves around to part of the northen and southern borders, but there are many different passages through them. The realm has good agricultural lands, and the mountains provide metals, along with occasional gems. 

Cembrance is, for the most part, on good terms with its neighbours, at least when it comes to politics. There is some tension between the assassin's guild in Cembrance and that in Evendell. 

Capital City: Lyndrich

Might & Magic

Cembrance has a standing army based out of the capital city. Many of the commanders are nobly born, traditionally third sons who have no real place anywhere else. While there is a small navy, the western sea is very stormy and unpredictable, so travel by water is risky at best. 

The assassin's guild in Cembrance goes by the name the Black Scorpions. Open recruiting happens eight times a year, coinciding with the major festivals, and no more than five candidates are admitted to training at a time. The Scorpions have an open rivalry with the Gilded Crowns in Evendell. 

There are no magic Schools in Cembrance, and any needs for the services of a mage are outsourced to Evendell. Citizens from Cembrance who require magic training seek it at one of the five Evendellian Schools or find a mage in Cembrance to act as a mentor. 

Main Characters

Avalon: One of the few female members of the Black Scorpion guild, Avalon has a reputation for being brutal with anyone who crosses her. While generally even tempered, she is incredibly protective of her sister, and she will do whatever it takes to keep Eva safe. Avalon is known for breaking the rules, if it suits her, and is a fan of using poison when she kills. 

Heath: A commander in Cembrance's army, Heath is nobly born and the king's cousin, a few times removed. Destined for a life in the army, given his birth position, Heath has enjoyed the military life. He also has some minor magic ability. 

Books & Stories Set in Cembrance

- The Pursuit of Revenge: Book 2 of the Pursuing Victory trilogy

- Demons: part of the Risk & Reward anthology