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Kingdom Facts

The Dragonlands is nearly as large as the eight kingdoms of Obyra, combined. This suits the dragon citizens of the kingdom well, as they tend to be somewhat territorial and require a good amount of space to stretch their wings. The Dragonlands are bordered by an impassable mountain range to the north, cutting the kingdom off from Obyra by land. 

The vast majority of the citizens of the Dragonlands - human, dragon and Dragonblood - have never met anybody from outside the kingdom. The exception is the residents of Archerkon, the trade-city located on the eastern end of the kingdom.

Capital City: Asledal

Might & Magic

All military requirements in the Dragonlands are handled by the Protectors, a group consisting primarily of dragons and Dragonbloods. Responsible for kingdom safety, guard duty and city policing, the Protectors are well-trained warriors and mages.

There are no assassin's guilds in the Dragonlands. Assassination, as a whole, is not something that generally happens. Conflicts tend to be handled face-to-face, and sometimes with a group of friends and allies to help.

Magic is a prevalent part of the Dragonlands. Dragons and Dragonbloods are inherently magical creatures, able to use magic nearly from birth. Some choose to pursue the study magic formally, and there is a large mage School in Asledal for training.

Main Characters

Kaylix: A Water dragon, Kaylix trained and studied for decades in order to join the Protectors. Upon his graduation, he was chosen instead to become one of the Guardians, and sent to train and partner with a Water witch from Calyso. When in his human form, he prefers short, black hair and blue-green eyes, though as a dragon, he can alter his form in whatever way he chooses.

Vallith: An Air dragon, Vallith trained with Kaylix to become a member of the Protectors. Assigned to the Imperial Guard upon her graduation - a rare honour - Vallith is forced to find balance between her loyalty to her Empress, and her loyalty to her family.

Books & Stories Set in the Dragonlands