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Kingdom Facts

Evendell is the smallest kingdom in Obyra, and is entirely mountainous. While the terrain makes it difficult for the kingdom to grow its own food, the mountains provide more than enough metals, gems and gold for the crown to purchase what it needs. Evendell is a wealthy realm. 

Evendell and Bacovia have very close ties, stemming from a long history and a magical pact. Evendell's riches have caused jealousy in some of the surrounding realms, and Bacovia is pledged to help defend Evendell's borders. In return, Evendell sends specially trained assassins to act as bodyguards for Bacovia's monarch. 

Capital City: Hearthridge

Might & Magic

Due to its mountainous terrain, Evendell's population is very scattered. This also means that Evendell doesn't really have an army, relying instead on local militia. There is a royal guard that protects the royal family. 

Evendell is well known for its assassin's guild, the Gilded Crowns, and the Academy where they train. Evendellian assassins are considered incredibly skilled, and there is a lot of income from contracts that the assassins complete. There are also specially trained assassins, marked from birth, who train as potential Bacovian bodyguards. 

There are five magic Schools in Evendell, each School taking on new students every five years, in rotation. Mages trained in Evendell gain eesprid, magical creatures that give the mages access to higher power spells. 

Main Characters

Aislynn: The youngest child of the king and queen, Aislynn has trained most of her life as an assassin. Her life away from court means that she doesn't have the social graces of a usual princess, just one more thing that sets her apart. Between her fiery temper and her combat skills, she is deadly. She also has a wolf eesprid, Cheta, another sign of her specialized training.

Chelle: A Spirit mage, she was the head of the Hearthridge mage School for a number of years before essentially fleeing the kingdom in order to get away from Jayce. Now the head of the first Bacovian mage School, Chelle is working hard to get mages and magic back into Eaglecrest and Bacovia as a whole.

Jayce: Crown prince and heir to Evendell's throne, Jayce is another of the specially trained assassins. His eesprid, a raven named Jordi, is as mischievous as his othe half. Despite his lack of propriety in his social life, Jayce takes his responsibilities to his kingdom very seriously. 

Marja: Aislynn's close friend and a younger daughter of one of Evendell's noble families, Marja is the epitome of a proper lady. Her social graces and close relationship with the princess has often put her into the position of Aislynn's mentor, trying to help her avoid political mistakes. 

Rhys: One of Evendell's rare assassin-mages, Rhys has both weapon expertise and magic to help him complete his contracts. In addition, Rhys was marked at birth as a potential bodyguard, and has an eesprid companion, a cougar named Caris. When he goes missing while on an assignment to Madelia, Rhys was presumed dead, but he's been gathering power and getting ready to right a wrong. 

Books & Stories Set in Evendell

- Dark Side: part of the Deception & Betrayal anthology

- My Sacrifice: part of the Deception & Betrayal anthology